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Forensic Friday #7 – Archaeology

Life skills. It’s all about the life skills. And with spawnlings, it’s all about how you SELL those life skills. Today, let’s focus on cleaning. *that choking, warbling sound you may hear in the background is EG Dad as he cracks up laughing, then stumbles across the EG Lair, stepping […]

Forensic Friday #6 – All I have is static

There is nothing funnier than sneaking up on your sibling, all charged with static electricity – and letting rip with a ZAP! Well, maybe one thing – watching on as an EG Parent while the spawnlings learn this! Here’s the basics of Sinister’s Balloon Static Electricity Experiment: Materials: Balloons Wall […]

Quick peek at Ancient Greek

Evil Genius Inc is currently on mid-year school holidays. And it has not exactly been the best school holidays. We’ve had toxic paint fumes right outside our front door (always a joy during pregnancy), 10 days straight of rain, and then the spawnlings were hit with Slap Cheek (5th’s disease […]

The Flame Challenge – with Alan Alda

Spend a little time watching spawnlings at work play and you will start to see that science comes naturally to them. Seriously – science is an art form. It is purely about finding out how and why things happen. (Oxford Dictionary) Definition of science (noun) The intellectual and practical activity encompassing […]