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So You Found Me On Instagram

Liked something I shared on Instagram?

Welcome to my Evil Genius Mum – Instagram Page!

The thing is: I multi-task. Sometimes I am taking over the world, but a lot of the time I am writing for either my own page here or for GeekMom. See, I am a strong believer of taking over the world by overthrowing the monopoly on information.

I want to share everything everywhere. Responsibly, of course.

So, if you are looking for any links to my GeekMom writing, follow this link to my author page and find the article there. Current articles include:

If you are looking for an article I published personally on my personal page with all the personal opinions you could ever read, you’ll find it here. Required reading should include:

And then there is some stuff I write over at Book Riot under some other person’s name. It’s worth checking out too:


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