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Curriculum of Evil

There are gaps in our education system.

Now, I have a healthy respect for teachers – the majority of them are making the best of a pretty dodgy situation. And most of them are enjoying it. I can’t think of anything worse than 30+ malleable minds constantly asking me why all the time… and that’s just the parents.

But seriously, there are gaps in our education system and I don’t expect the Department to fill the gaps any time soon. If they did, it would spoil all my fun.

SO! Sinister has asked for more ‘activities’ after school, and Nefarious is asking for more ‘activities’ at home. This is the perfect opportunity to expand their repertoire through the following:

  • Theology Thursday

Thursday is also (non-)Scripture Day at school. Sinister can only take so much colouring in and crappy tv shows, and asked me to make up something more interesting for him. I offered a Project Book, with lessons in various religions and mythologies. He loved the idea. His first choice – Norse (Thank you Marvel and Super Hero Squad). I’ll be happy to add in a few quirky lesson plans, especially since a lot of old myths and legends aren’t usually… child-friendly. Awesome.

  • Forensics Friday

Science. Yeah. Kind of fits in with “Always be Batman”. EG Opa has provided an excellent book “365 Science Experiments” from Hinkler Books, and we are slowly working our way through this. Of course, most experiments will … expand upon the steps provided. Stay tuned.


There’s going to be more, but I think this is a light start, considering all the other activities we seem to do. If you have any suggestions, throw them in the comments.

Let’s see what the teachers have to say about this.

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