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One Legal System at a Time

I expect to cop some major abuse on this one. But here me out.  The man previously found guilty of killing Daniel Morcombe (and other atrocities) is currently appealing his case due to evidence issues. Judgement could be handed down today. The Case of Daniel Morcombe is unfortunately now one […]

One Lethal Yorkshire Terrier at a Time

Australia often has a bad rep for being a dangerous place – go read Terry Pratchett’s The Lost Continent.     Spiders. Snakes. Crocodiles. Drop Bears. Cane Toads. Sheep. There are websites, twitter feeds, and Facebook pages dedicated to living in Australia.  In primary school, I lived on an army base […]

EG Parent Award #55

Good morning and Happy Mother’s Day, you evil genius mothers. Every last one of you.  Special call out to Anna Weatherup who received this:    (As seen here) I don’t know what you did to earn these beauties, but I want to.

Evil Genius Parent Tool #8 – Reading

Do you read bedtime stories with your kids? You are an Evil Genius Parent, setting your spawnlings up with an unfair advantage and must be stopped!! Apparently. *shrug* meh Look, we’ve had many people harping about the benefits of reading But recently some one let ALL the crazies out of […]