Evil Genius Parent Tool #7 – The Sofa

Sofa. Couch. Lounge. Apparently there are subtle differences to distinguish between the three, but I don’t care. I’m calling it a sofa today.

Wait. Nope. I’m wrong again. 20mth old Zaltu, Goddess of Mischief and general toddler-behaviour, has just corrected me again. It’s the Bat Cave.


And yes, these are all the toys I found stuffed deep within the Cave. Took her all of 10mins.  So proud.

Of course, I could take credit for this but I’m not into that level of bullshit. I find it far more entertaining sharing all the information and watching the subsequent anarchy as the egos crash and burn around us, like Ancient Rome. Yeah, I have no problem being compared to Nero.

So, instructions. Care of How To Be A Dad (who probably stole it from someone else, but that’s not my burden):

I am yet to try the advanced level – going to need another sofa first. But if you’re a show-off or need to suck up to your kids, you can find extra tips at Dad Labs. Seriously. Show ponies. 

And now I’m back to playing Catwoman to Zaltu’s Batgirl. Could be worse (yeah , I’m looking at you Poison Ivy).

EG Parent Award #54 – Honourary

Tonight’s award is not for parenting. In fact, this guy’s work is definitely not to be read aloud in front of the spawnlings, let alone at work.

But if the story of his method is true, it is – to use an Australian colloquialism – “bloody genius”.

Over the weekend, Australia had a few protests across the nation under the banner of Reclaim Australia. 

Personally, I don’t understand the point of racism – or sexism, or homophobia or anything else. It’s a waste of energy trying to hide your own fears and ignorance behind anger. Especially when you’re all going to be my minions, and I couldn’t care less what religion or race or gender you are. So long as you bring me chocolate and tea when I command you.

This “Reclaim Australia” group are simply a bunch of racist hate-mongerers who were trying to stir up fear, especially over the Easter weekend. In most cases, there were organised oppositional protests in the same places – and they did not play well together.

But one guy – Jeremy. He is The Dude.

I have no idea if the story of his method is true, but the results are definitely genuine … And hilarious.

Jeremy somehow hacked the Official Reclaim Australia Twitter Account. 

Urban legend has it that he convinced one of the organisers he was a huge supporter and wanted to be the biggest help by promoting them in social media. And they gave him the account access and password.

In preparation for the protest – we’ve given some of our activists access to this account to live tweet. first up – Jeremy

That, that right there says a lot about the thoughts of people who resort to fear and hate as their modus operandi.

Even if not true, Jeremy did gain control of their official twitter account – you can see this clearly in the twitter feed history, press release and newspaper articles

But then Jeremy started doing this:

@ReclaimAus: I hope every1 who is retweetin ma idea 2 give @ASRC1 & @RACSaustralia $10 each is donatin- lemme know if u hav

Many of his other tweets are hilarious in pointing out their racist views, although quite crass in the language.

Despite the lack of any evidence as to whether Jeremy is a parent, I must applaud his subterfuge and genius.