EG Parent Award #53

Ohhhh… it has been awhile.

But there is nothing like April Fools Day to bring out the Evil Genius in us all.

I like it even better when you can combine April Fools Day with Easter. Previous years have included the Infamous Green Easter Egg Hunt, and last year was the Easter Basket Brilliance.


However, I have made the reckless promise to the spawnlings that this year would include more scientific discovery.

So I found this wonderful prank here. The Head in a Jar Prank.

I’m pretty sure there are a few versions of this floating around the interwebs, but I like Mikeasaurus because he goes to the whole extent of making just the right picture for the jar. And it is a work of art.

Head in a Jar

I think I’ll do a photo of Zaltu and scare the bejeebus out of Sinister and Nefarious. Oh yeah, This will be good.

I’m back!!

Congratulations to Mikeasaurus! 

Review: LEGO Research Institute #21110

It’s frackin’ awesome! </end>

I know, it’s 3 mini-figs in a cool scene, but there are some amazing bits and I love the ingenuity of the dinosaur skeleton.

But the part that really made it for me – the instruction manual. 

Let’s start at the beginning:  


We received this as part of our huge LEGO family haul for Solstice 2014. It’s taken this long for us to build it – see, it’s not just you. I have even neglected LEGO (did you check if she had a pulse? She could have been faking…)

Now, being the geeky goddess I am, I read everything and of course, I started with the manual.

If you have bought or will buy this for a young budding scientist, this manual is perfect for explaining the purpose of the set and introducing the finer details of specific areas of science.

And it should – since it was designed by a scientist.


Three areas of science are covered: 


And then there is the LEGO. The chemist is awesome, with her dual face, lots of potions (that’s what Nefarious calls them) and diddly little bits that I had never considered building before DESPITE using pieces I have had since I was 5. See her hand – I never considered that the buttons of LEGO fit in the Minifigs hands!!

The archaeologist was more of a build, particularly with the skeleton, but enjoyable nevertheless. 


I love building with EG Dad. He is such a good little scientist; organising and categorising EVERYTHING. The above picture is my ‘sorting’. This is his: 

 But he had his revenge when he left the floor of the astronomer to me. Fiddly indeed: 

Worth it: 


The end result is a beautiful little mini fig set that I could display, but the kids get a kick out of using the sets in far more dramatic EG scenarios.


The set has now been retired, which means if you missed out through the LEGO website, you are now going to extorted through eBay. In Australia, they’re currently selling around $65 mark. If you are into collecting LEGO, it is worth it. To be frank, the manual with the set is worth it. And if you want to support STEM in your spawnlings, they will treasure this.

There is a 2nd set submitted by the designer Alatariel: Science Adventures! 

I’m definitely watching this one! Tiger! Rawr!! You can check more of this here.

Now go, my minions!! Build!!

One Hiatus at a Time

As you can see, I take this blogging thing very seriously.

Sorry. Distracted by the sound of the jug boiling and realised I was due for my pre-siesta cold latte.

Okay, back to blogging.

To be frank, I don’t know how regular bloggers do it. There are a few I follow, mainly to see if they have tips for organising their lives enough to balance world domination with 3-kid bedtime. There is a whole BUNCH of crazy people out there who swear by menu planning, green smoothies, sewing your own clothes, home schooling, and re-decorating the house with homemade lampshades, all before the school pick-up.

And while most of them are publishing blog posts 2/3 times a week, NONE of them are giving up the secrets as to how the hell they do it.

Take my timeline, for example – have a look over to the right here ———————————>

You can see months/years where you can do a quick search on a blog post. See where it says March 2015 and then under it says December 2014? Yep – I took a hiatus. Not a planned, blow up a French-Polynesian island and then laugh about it by the pool in Southern California type of hiatus. I’m talking more along the lines of “cleaned up multiple child-illness events, attended way too many early Nipper starts on Sunday mornings, and survived back-to-school preparations with all kids maintaining a moderate life expectancy” type of hiatus.

The type where it is quite clear to any reader here that I am typing this for shit/giggles and basic information-sharing on the dreams of taking over the world.

Getting paid for blogs? Who has time for that?

The next 6 months are going to be interesting – here’s my “planning”:

  • Attempt a return to ‘regular’ Forensic Fridays
  • Attempt a return to ‘regular’ EG Parent Awards (though, you’ve gotta help me on this one and show me some EG Parenting!)
  • Festival of Chocolate
  • Sydney BrickShow
  • Free Comic Book Day – yes, we are cosplaying
  • SupaNova – yes, we are cosplaying
  • OzComicCon – yes, we are cosplaying (see a trend here?)
  • and finally, an attempt to take-over a neighbouring country. This current location has a few too many crazies. Let’s see what’s on offer abroad.

All this, and continue training the spawnlings for world domination. How the hell am I doing this again? Where is the time for sleep?

Though, if Sinister continues to build contraptions to hang Zaltu up around the house, I may find a spare day to catch up on that cup of coffee…

One Children’s Shoe at a Time

In case you missed the Public Safety Announcement, Zaltu is 18mths old. Those with kids know that this is when the crazy shit happens. The term “terrible twos” is misleading – it all starts at 18mths.

But this time – surprisingly, it wasn’t Zaltu’s fault. At all. It was me, who almost shoved a delicate little wedge-heel sandal up the right nostril of a young sales assistant before setting the laser-armed sharks on her. 

Really, I would have been doing society a favour.

I started out with a simple request for some sandals for our 18mth old Spawnling. Zaltu was with me, and quite clearly being an 18mth old (read: playing with her Batgirl doll).

I kid you not.

But it gets better.

When I pointed out to her that Zaltu was 18mths old and wants to wear sandals while running around in the park with her brothers, the response was:

Oh, she can learn to run in these!

Now, like any EG Parent, I truly dream of at least one of my spawnlings being The Chosen One, and learning to run in high-heel kick-ass boots like Buffy (boys too).

But not at 18mths old.

Of course, when I told EG Dad about this shopping experience, he agreed that the wedges were a ridiculous suggestion for Zaltu.

These are more her style:


Side note: we didn’t find any sandals, but Zaltu fell in love with these runners:

And now I can’t catch her. Maybe the wedges aren’t such a bad idea…

Forensic Friday 4.5 – Non-cook play dough recipe 

Normally, we have blue sky – sunshine, lollipops and rainbows and everything. Well, you get the idea. Lovely weather. The type of weather that entices you towards world domination … If it just wasn’t so damn cruise in your high wing-backed chair…

But not today. No, today is day 3 of having EG Dad home sick and I’m over it. Sure , yeah, “oh poor guy! Here let me take care of you like the other spawnlings!” 

So, to entertain Zaltu away from EG Dad’s man-flu, let’s make PLAY DOUGH!!

The best part about this is no standing at the stove cooking it. Yes, i have done a post about this before, but a change in circumstances (read: chaos) led me to look for an even EASIER recipe. Do you any idea how much trouble Zaltu can get up to while I stand cooking something like play dough?!? It took all of 10 secs to climb over our ground floor balcony to jump to the park next door. When she was 12mths old. She’s now 18mths old. I’m not ready for this.

So how to make it:

  1. Mix the flour, salt, Cream of Tartar (what is this stuff anyway, besides essential for play dough), and oil together in a bowl.. 
  2. Add the food colouring to the boiling water and then gradually add to the “dry mix”. Mix around until it combines (we split the mix for 2 colours – red and blue)
  3. Let it cool a bit, then knead the crap out it, until it is smooth and malleable like minions, I mean play dough. 
  4. Then go and play. Simple, ja? Oh yeah, and keep it in an air-tight container.

No guarantee on your crew, but this bought me 15mins of “drinking my tea in peace” time. Worth it’s weight in Tim Tams, and then some.

Now excuse me while I go and check on the glowing mucous that is trying to escape the virus-riddled host I call a husband. This is starting to look more and more like a biology prac gone wrong.