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EG Parent Award #53

Ohhhh… it has been awhile. But there is nothing like April Fools Day to bring out the Evil Genius in us all. I like it even better when you can combine April Fools Day with Easter. Previous years have included the Infamous Green Easter Egg Hunt, and last year was […]

One Hiatus at a Time

As you can see, I take this blogging thing very seriously. … Sorry. Distracted by the sound of the jug boiling and realised I was due for my pre-siesta cold latte. … Okay, back to blogging. To be frank, I don’t know how regular bloggers do it. There are a […]

One Children’s Shoe at a Time

In case you missed the Public Safety Announcement, Zaltu is 18mths old. Those with kids know that this is when the crazy shit happens. The term “terrible twos” is misleading – it all starts at 18mths. But this time – surprisingly, it wasn’t Zaltu’s fault. At all. It was me, […]