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EG Mum v “The Baking Mum”

Well. Good to know where I stand, Zaltu. The minute Sinister and Nefarious are dropped at school, Zaltu knows it is her time. Parks are visited, pigeons are tormented, EG Senior Citizens are wooed. When we arrived at the playground, Zaltu made friends with another toddler. A toddler who had […]

EG Parent Award #52

I’m sitting here watching Zaltu eat her lunch with Aquaman’s Trident. Yes, I did give her a fork. But why on Earth would she want a mere fork, when she can use Aquaman’s Trident? Which of course led to me googling Batman Cutlery. Because why would you settle for Aquaman’s […]

EG Parent Award #51

Hmm. Been awhile. Again. Well, when you have the choice between blog and sleep – ZZZZZZZZZZ Since EG Lair became a crucible for mixing together every fraking childhood illness in the immediate area, sleep has become that rare commodity I would ransom the moon for. At first, I was stunned […]