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Round 3: EG Mum v Sinister

I was schooled by Sinister today. And deservedly so. It was on the daily walk to school. The usual reminders were being discussed. * Don’t steal other lunches – hungry minions are unreliable; * Never admit to anything until you know they definitely have evidence against you (that’s how I […]

Solitary Confinement

There is a reason why isolation is used as a form of punishment. It really messes with your head. Ask any parent awake at 2am. When you hear that first cry awaken you – a gentle plea for comfort; a territorial demand for a nipple; the frightened scream not yet […]

I Want A … Scorpion Chair

It is important to decorate your Evil Genius Lair with both style and functionality. When I do my “world domination” thinking, I need to be comfortable. My body needs to be nestled, supported, comforted; otherwise my mind will be too distracted to predict the spawnlings’ next move. But at the […]