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I Want a … Skully helmet

I consider myself the last remaining sane person in the family of crazies. And knowing my family – that’s a scary scary thought. I do not have and do not want a motorbike licence. EG Dad has one (Virago). EG Grandad has one (a Harley, of course). EG Grandma has […]

EG Parent Award #50

To be an EG Parent, you have to stay one step ahead of the spawnlings. Sometimes it helps to build upon your experiences with Evil Genius siblings. Now, I have already shared with you my own sibling shitheadedness here however this week’s champ has definitely upped the ante. She brings […]

EGP Award #49

Has it really been that long? Have my plans for world domination really distracted me from the blog? Appears to be the case. Dang. Well, anyways. I’ve been a little focussed on discipline. The school holidays were particularly insightful – if you call realising how evil my spawnlings can be […]