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One Bottle at a Time

“If you tell me the truth now, you’ll be in a lot less trouble than if I find out you lied later on.” It was quite clear that Sinister and Nefarious had been using their super-intelligent powers for evil, and for that I was very very proud. But I needed […]

Pyjama Day

Yeeeeaaaah – comfy pants. Some parents cope with school holidays by sending the spawnlings on camp, or to grandparents. Other parents team up and share the ‘babysitting’ around – amateur hour. At some time, it’s your turn to have a dozen or so 10-year-olds all at once. The trick is […]

Everything is Awesomely Evil

Have you seen The LEGO Movie? More importantly, have you figured out a way to get that damn song out of your head? Evil LEGO. Evil evil LEGO. Now let’s go shopping! But who would believe the evil intentions of the innocent LEGO brick? Well, for one – any poor […]

We Have A Tooth

Hey World Leaders! Want to know how to defeat an Evil Genius? Give them a baby. *sigh* No. Not defeated. But damn it’s hard to write a blog post about world domination when you’re seriously considering how to steal a hyperdrive to get off the planet. I don’t know how […]