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Only the Brave Sleep here…

Only the brave sleep in our Evil Lair. And with YOUNG spawnlings, we don’t usually sleep well. Although… APPARENTLY – I fell asleep on the couch this afternoon. Whilst breastfeeding Zaltu. I say apparently, because I was only made aware of it when the spawnlings woke me. So, apparently, I […]

Evil Genius Parent Award #42

Sinister is back at school on Wednesday. Nefarious starts next Monday. And I’ll be left alone with Zaltu. The Goddess of Strife herself. All 5 months of her. So of course, I started looking at Mummy-and-Me classes. Let’s see what’s available in our area: 101 Baby Electronics? Nope Baby Bounce-off-the-Walls? Not […]

One Sibling at a Time

Apparently, we’re running out of space in our Lair. I say “apparently” because we’ve just moved Zaltu into her own room and EG Dad is unsure how long she can share with the crapload of EG toys in there. We already have Sinister and Nefarious sharing a room, and who […]

EG Parent Award #41

We’ve all had one. The housemate who leaves passive-aggressive notes around the place. “I washed up for you AGAIN!” “Please lock the garage door on your way out” “Did you swap the milk labels? My carton tasted funny” ( – yes. Yes I did) But if you’re going to have […]

Round 2: EG Mum v. EG Grandma

We already know how evil grandma can be. This is just the beginning. EG Inc has travelled 2500km into the pits of Hades (read: Nth Qld in Summer) to visit family/demons. It’s bad enough that the heat is more repressive than a cooked laboratory, but now EG Grandma is taking […]

EG Parent Award #40

It’s the gift that keeps on giving. It is the present only another EG parent could truly appreciate. It is the thoughtful gesture that needs no reward greater than a simple nod of thanks, and yet deserves so much more. At least an EG Parenting award. And I want more. […]

EG Dad has the Lair…

EG Dad is the brains of the outfit. He has escaped. And left me with the minions at EG Grandma’s place. That’s right – we made it all the way to Grandma’s house, without tossing our cookies, only to discover the wolf disguised in a 4yo kid costume with a […]