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The Ideal Evil Genius Pet

Do you have a pet? A fluffy puppy? An evil cat? At Evil Genius Inc, we have three. Yes – 3. And today, I really REALLY regret each of them. You see, we have dragons. Yes – Dragons. Oh, alright – if you want to spoil the magic. They are […]

Evil Genius Parent Award #31

Sometimes life is just too well-timed for my liking. Sitting back last week, and I find myself chortling along with EG Dad as he reads Big Family, Little Income. Apparently, there’s a bit of talk about the stereotyping of dads – particularly the portrayal of dads as dumb-arses. Don’t get […]

Evil Genius Tool #5 – Umbrellas

Umbrellas. The Final Frontier. Or at least at schools on rainy days. Sinister’s school attempts to discourage the use of umbrellas on rainy days. I simply do not understand why. They are the most useful arsenal you could have in the vicious world of school yards. Kids particularly love the […]

Evil Genius Parent Award #30 – Eurovision

Here’s a little background on Evil Genius Mum: I come from a long line of musicians. Talented musicians. Very talented.  My only saving grace: the ‘music genes’ are usually accompanied by the ‘maths genes’. … Nope I’m screwed on that front too. But, it appears that Sinister and Nefarious have inherited the […]

Hail to the Bacon

“I love when we have vegetarian meals with bacon; It’s like ‘Screw you, vegetarians!” – EG Dad   This week is Bacon Week in Australia. Seriously. No, I’m not kidding you. But imagine this – if there was ever a way to take over the world, bacon would be it. […]

Evil Genius Parent Award #28

Damn it. I have an awesome recipient this week and have not been able to find details for the recipient. Following on from Free Comic Book Day, I have a lot of admiration for families that cosplay together. They can really capture the vibe of a day by participating and […]

Free Comic Book Day 2013

May the 4th be with you… Well played, Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) organisers. Well played. Doubling up your day with the Geeks Holiday:  Star Wars Day. Of course, as with any geek festival, there were plenty of cosplay opportunities (including Evil Genius Inc). And of course, there were a […]