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Evil Genius Parent Award #23 – Sex

Yep. This week is about sex. I have not laughed so hard as I did reading not one, but TWO blog posts featuring sex. That is not to be misinterpreted as a reflection on EG Dad, but more like parenting in  general. Especially with kids. And the hormonally imbalanced (read: yep, […]

I lost my Mojo

I lost my mojo. Somewhere around December 2012. Between upchucking and being pissed off with the world. I remember working really hard at keeping up my search for Evil Genius Parents; acknowledging their inspiring work and sharing it with all of you. But as each week passed, I kept facing […]

Token IWD Post

There are some questions that need to be asked, and really are quite stupid in their execution – no matter how you ask them. Sometimes you don’t even realise it until some additional contextual feature kicks in – like International Women’s Day. Yesterday, I was sitting in my midwife appointment, […]