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Evil Genius Parent Award #22

Ssssshhhhhh. Last week was locked up in the Evil Genius dungeon. This week isn’t looking much better. My attempts at meteor-collision with Earth failed. EG Dad is being all understanding and compassionate. And even the spawnlings’ teachers are telling me how fantastic, mature, and responsible they are at school/preschool. With […]

Evil Genius Parent Award #21

I promised you a great award this week and I *usually* deliver on my promises. Most times. At least I am this time. This special award is this week awarded to Shae’s Mum. Shae is a blogger over at Free Range in Suburbia. Shae is pretty cool and has some […]

Evil Genius Parent Award #20

You are all pathetic. Seriously – are you on your best behaviour this week or what? I haven’t heard of a single example of awesome evil parenting all week. Given, I’ve been sick – but C’MON!! You all REEK with potential. Now get your butts and do something about it. […]