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Evil Genius Parent Award #19

Mother       of            LEGO. I just found another piece on the floor – with my foot. I completely respect the idea of creative (evil) genius. I love the battle droids that Sinister has been building all school holidays. I love the mini daleks that surrounded the […]

One Rainy Day at a Time

I have received reports from minions in Queensland, Australia. Reports of extreme weather. I would love to claim credit for weather control, but alas – this one is natural causes. At the same time, minions in the UK are having extreme cold. What’s the point of these? Both sets of […]

Evil Genius Parent Award #18

Have you ever stopped and wondered about the life skills you are teaching your spawnlings? Basic life skills that every one learns during their young formative years. Walking. Talking. Big-Baby-Eyes at grandparents. Framing siblings for obvious misdemeanors. What about wartime strategy? Yeah, that is definitely up there for any aspiring […]

Evil Genius Parent Award #17

My spawnlings are boys. Very boyish boys. Noise with dirt. Not afraid to attempt total annihilation. However, gender doesn’t really have a lot to do with it. Mainly because I was pretty much the same around that age. So I’ve been told. Me – I remember being an absolute delight, […]

Evil Genius Parent Award #16

It’s the start of a new year. Wahoo. Just turn the page already, and start with the 2013. In some areas of the world, kids have returned to school over the last week. In other parts of the world, parents ares still thinking of ways to outsmart their spawnlings for […]

One cough at a time

Come closer. I can’t talk very well at the moment. A little closer. Just a little. *cough*  *splutter*  *wheeze*  *cough* Nothing better than germ warfare. Seriously though, I’ve been absolutely sick for the last 2 weeks. And I am so over it. Just before the seasonal “time off work” period […]