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Evil Genius Parent Award #11

I am the laziest parent I know. That’s the whole point of being an Evil Genius Mum. To ensure that I have a ready-to-go army of minions to do stuff for me. I would be a sloth-like beast being crane-lifted out of my house, if it wasn’t for my spawnlings. […]

One Social Norm at a Time

It’s amazing how excited everyone gets about Christmas. Carols and bad covers of said carols are played repeatedly throughout the stores. Snow-field decorations adorn every shopping strip (no matter which hemisphere you live in). And Santa visits each mall, ready to take photos and patiently listen to heavily-considered wish lists. […]

Evil Genius Parent Award #10

Ladies and Gentlemen! Tonight. For your entertainment. We have … not one.. but TWO recipients for the Evil Genius Parent Award. With a tip… a very simple, and yet essential tip that will reap the greatest shits-and-giggles in the lead-up to the shittiest-and-giggliest season of them all. Summer Holidays. Oh […]

Forensic Friday #3 – Weatherman

It’s a dangerous day in Evil Genius Lair – a restless, rainy day. LEGO dominates our lounge-room. But even today there is a certain passive approach to it. The Tank’s turret is short; the ninja’s armoury looks neat and tidy; the obstacle course for LEGO men has… flowers?!? Desperate times […]

Evil Genius Parent Award #9

Let me clarify – my kids are still alive. Barely. But they are alive. I would post a “Proof of Life” but I can’t seem to capture a photo that doesn’t include some incriminating evidence anyway. The amount of times Sinister and Nefarious are arguing over who is going to […]

I want a 3D Scanner

We’ve all been there. The doorbell rings, the neighbours are invited in – and you suddenly realise your child’s designs for a freeze ray gun are currently displayed, front and centre of the kitchen. Awk-ward. Of course, in our evil lair, the freeze ray gun design is at least a […]

Evil Genius Parent Award #8

At first I thought that Daddown Under was a sweet guy, not worthy of my ‘Evil Genius’ attention. But over the last few weeks, his posts have been showing some potential shining through. His evil is a bit more subtle – not realising how evil he is until after you […]

Forensic Friday #2 – Slime

“I’ve been slimed!!” Today’s Forensic Friday experiment is brought to you by the letter S – for SLIME. Ooey, gooey, slime. Of course Sinister and Nefarious want to make their own slime. And it is a good lesson in chemical reactions (as is any cooking in the house)… My concern […]